Monster Manor

Posted by on October 18, 1999

Rid the manor of 7 monsters who have moved in.

First person perspective, rendered graphics, multiple save games. Click on pictures for full-size view.

Requires Windows 95/98. Once unzipped, run the mmanor.exe to play.

Download: Monster Manor

mmanor1.jpg mmanor2.jpg

The Will 2: The Castle

Posted by on June 27, 1999

Search for hidden gems in another dead relative’s house to inherit a fortune.

First person perspective, rendered graphics, save game.

Will run on a 486/66 in 256 color but really needs a Pentium & 16 bit High Color. Requires Windows 95/98. Click on pictures for full-size view.

Download: The Will 2

will22.jpg will21.jpg


Posted by on May 27, 1999

You’re a small fish in a big pond. Can you survive to grow large enough to defeat the Shark? Inspired the Intellivision game Shark! Shark!.

Click on picture for a full-size view.

Download: Shark!


Night Before Christmas

Posted by on January 27, 1999

Light hearted Christmas scrolling platform game with lots of clipart, stock graphics, and Christmas music.

This is why I love Click & Create – an entire game written in an hour.

Click on picture for full-size view.

Download: Night Before Christmas


Pharoah’s Curse

Posted by on March 24, 1998

Inspired by the classic 8-bit game of the same name from Synapse. Search 16 screens of the pyramid for the Pharoah’s hidden treasures. Features custom platform movement for the player and the badguys, ropes to climb, one way doors, moving platforms, keys for locked doors, deadly traps and, of course, and the pharoah and his mummy.

Click on pictures for full-size view.

Download: Pharoah’s Curse

pc1.jpg pc2.jpg

AI (Alien Invaders)

Posted by on January 11, 1998

Arcade action, inspired by the classic Broderbund game AE. Requires strategy not just a quick trigger finger. This version addresses some of the most common complaints about what made the first version unfairly hard.

Download: AI version 2.0

ai1.jpg ai2.jpg

Midnight Stalker

Posted by on December 31, 1997

You are trapped in a maze where bats steal your bullets, spiders stun you leaving you helpless, and progressively faster, stronger armed robots relentlessly track you down. Armed only with your gun, how long can you survive?

Inspired the Intellevision game “Night Stalker” and done purely as a way to do a little beta testing so it’s still a little rough, but playable.

Click on picture for full-size view.

Download: Midnight Stalker


Greg Ryan’s Children’s Games

Posted by on December 24, 1997

Monster in the Park by Greg Ryan

A puzzle game for kids where you try to capture the cute monster. Put the playground pieces around the park to build a path to the monster. Lots of different obstacles and levels of difficulty make this a puzzling game with a fun theme.

Mystery Egg by Greg Ryan

The Mystery Egg is a 5 Level Puzzle game where you try to figure out how to open up the Easter Egg. Each Level has a different type of Puzzle, and some are a little tricky. Kids may need help from their parents for this one, or vice versa.

Kid’s Pumpkin Puzzles by Greg Ryan

Put together the pumpkin, but make sure his face matches or the goolies might get you. Full of music, sounds, and animations to put you in the Halloween spirit with 4 different

3D Pumpkin Puzzles by Greg Ryan

Put together some 3 dimensional puzzles of broken pumpkins. And you don’t need to pick up the seeds either. Three different puzzles each with three levels of difficulty make this hauntingly good for all ages. Full of music, sounds, and animations to put you in the Halloween spirit.

Off the Tracks by Greg Ryan

This kid’s game teaches your children about mapping, using one of their favorite subjects – trains! You have to build a set of tracks to get the train to its shed, while avoiding mountains and crossing bridges. The game is easily mouse-driven for pre-readers. There are four different sets of obstacles, and two levels of play. The hard level will make you move fast, ‘cuz the train is anxious to go home!

Valentine Puzzles ’98 by Greg Ryan

Set of 3 Valentine themed picture puzzles that can be played at 3 different levels of difficulty. The Easy level is for kids and is a simple drag and drop puzzle. The Medium level makes you rotate the pieces to the correct orientation before they’ll fit in the puzzle. The Hard level will randomly rotated any unplaced pieces every 20 seconds to make the puzzles even harder. Since every piece of the puzzle is identical in shape and symmetrical, it’s harder than it sounds. Lots of music, animations, and sounds to get you into the Valentine’s Day Spirit.

Reindeer Mazes by Greg Ryan

Move Santa’s Reindeer through nine different mazes. Each maze changes everytime you play it, and kids can use either the mouse or keyboard to move through the mazes. Every maze is in a different theme, and includes Christmas music, sound effects, and animations.

Greg says “I wrote it for my 3 1/2 year
old twin boys… my kids like it alot. It’s pretty easy to play for the most part.”

Meteor Mash

Posted by on September 1, 1997

Rapid fire shoot-em-up, inspired by the Intellivision game “Astrosmash” with original music by Jeff Lawson (fuzzysounds_at_mindspring_dot_com)

Nothing fancy, but hey, it only took an hour to write.

Click on picture for full-size view.

Download: Meteor Mash


Robin & Marian

Posted by on July 16, 1997

It’s Robin’s wedding day. Unfortunately, he’s lost the ring, and his green uniform, without which the fair maid Marian doesn’t even recognize him. Help Robin get to the altar.

Characters to interact with. Simple, cartoony graphics.

Click on pictures for full-size view.

Download: Robin & Marian

robin1.jpg robin2.jpg