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* New Game Creation Resources

Cyberarts: CyberArts' Foundationâ„¢ platform powers Poker, Backgammon, Blackjack, 13-Cards or any other game of skill
DreamPath: Free software to produce CYOA-type interactive fiction easily
Game Salad: a Mac OS X based game creation system for non-programmers
Icreon Game Development: Icreon Game Studio A Game Development Company Offers 3D Java Game Design along with Character Animation
Novashell Game Creation System: a high-level 2D game maker that tries to handle all the hard work behind the scenes allowing you to whip up sweet games using path finding, dialog, persistent dynamically sized maps
Original3D Game Creator: Original3D is a simple yet powerful tool for game creation - simple, because its based around the popular and easy to use BASIC programming language; and powerful, you can arrive nice effects & create a simple game in 30 minutes.
Sandbox 3D Game Maker: open source easy to use standalone 3D Game Maker and 3D open source easy to use standalone 3D Game Maker and 3D Game Design program currently based on the cube 2 engine being used in many schools throughout the world

Engines/Authorware for Non-Programmers

2D Shooter Game Creator: The 2D shooter game creator will let YOU create your own games~ in the style of classic lightgun games~ e.g. Time Crisis
3D Adventure Studio: an editor for creating adventure games in style of Gabriel Knight 3 (WIN)
3D Game Engine: alpha release of an unfinished 3D game engine (DOS/GNU/Linux)
3D Game Studio: produce 3D realtime applications - demos~ adventures~ role playing~ action~ advertising~ or racing games - without programming skills (WIN)
3D Rad: a programmable~ user-friendly~ 3D real-time engine (WIN)
3DCakeWalk: allows the development of commercial quality games with all the "state of art" features you will find in today's leading games
Abstract RTS Engine: An RTS engine under development intended for user-produced rules~ AI~ and media modules (mods)
ADePT: adventure developing and playing toolkit
ADRIFT: a simple~ yet powerful IF game designer (WIN)
Adventure Book: CYOA creator
Adventure Builder: text adventure authoring system (DOS/WIN)
Adventure Game Engine: engine for creating graphical first-person adventure games with full support for inventory~ save/load games~ inventory~ puzzles~ conversations~ full motion video~ cutscenes (WIN)
Adventure Game Studio: make your own point and click adventure games without programming; recently rewritten~ now supports the standard Sierra interface as well as the LucasArts interface. Very nice. (WIN)
Adventure Maker: free toolkit to creat point-and-click software for Windows and PSP without programming(Win/PSP)
AdventurEd: system in development for creating graphical adventure games (Amiga)
AGAST: Adventure Game Authoring System to create and play your own graphic adventure games like those from LucasArts and Sierra On-line (WIN)
AGT: Adventure Game Toolkit for creating text adventures with graphics and sound (DOS)
Aiee!: design text adventures without programming experience
ALAN: for creating interactive fiction (Amiga/Unix/DOS)
Alice: create your own scripts that control the motion of 3D objects for games~ training simulations~ etc (WIN95+)
Antiryad Gx: easy multi platform game creator tool
AZALTA: system with endless adventures~ an infinite number of large worlds to explore~ hundreds of puzzles to solve~ creatures to meet~ and items to find -- you can even create your own worlds/creatures/items (WIN/Amiga)
Blades of Exile: a fantasy role-playing system (WIN/MAC)
Blender: free and fully functional 3D modeling/rendering/animation package~ including games (Unix/Windows/BeOS)
Blitz Basic: the legendary Amiga Basic compilier for the PC (WIN)
Blitz Basic II: basic programming package for creating high-quaility games on the Amiga (Amiga)
Blox Game Engine: Simple 2D game engine targeted at windows users using visual
ButtonTalk: easy to use tool for creating interaction fiction (MAC to create~ exports HTML)
Byond: create online games and applications using a simple programming language
Ca3D-Engine: create a variety of 3D applications~ including games~ simulations~ and training and architectural software
CAECHO: Spanish program for creating interaction fiction (DOS)
CAT: Creative Adventure Toolkit: adventure authoring utility for writing text adventures on your PC (WIN)
Clean Game Library: complete development system for 2D games (platform games~ side scrollers)~ using the functional language Clean (Win~ MAC~ Linux)
Coconut: 2D adventure game development tool (WIN/LINUX)
Coldstone: the most complete solution for developing games on the Macintosh (MAC)
Crystal Space: free (LGPL) and portable 3D engine written in C++ (WIN/MAC/DOS/LINUX)
Cycon Online Gaming -COG- Engine: Open Source project aimed at simplifying the creation of online video games with no programming experience necessary.
Dark Basic: BASIC language that lets you create fast full-screen DirectX and Direct3D games with incredible ease. You can write a 3D game in minutes! (WIN)
Delver: shareware single-player overhead-view tile-based computer RPG construction kit written in Java (JAVA)
Digital Loca-Lite: 3D authoring tool~ especially designed for beginning 3D-Game-makers (Win95+)
Dimension3: 3D game creator (MAC)
Divinity: RPG maker/editor (MAC)
DS Game Maker: Using point and click techniques for adding action and interaction, you can make simple games for your beloved console
Engine001: a game creation engine where you can bring your Action RPG and RPG ideas to life
Erasmatazz: Authoring tool used to create interactive storyworlds (WIN/MAC)
Explorations RPG System: independent role playing game engine
FPS Creator: make your own action packed FPS games without any programming or 3D modelling knowledge
G-Wiz: Game Wizard will be tool for designing and playing text adventure and role-playing games (WIN)
Game Book Player: This application allows you to write fighting fantasy like game books and has lots of neat features.
Game Builder Lite: for creating animated adventures and educational programs (DOS)
Game Editor: design 2D games for PCs and mobile devices
Game Maker: allows you to make exciting computer games~ without the need to write a single line of code(WIN)
Game Music Shop: Offers more than 25 packs of music exclusively designed or games and multimedia applications, with hi-quality previews and an mmediate delivery after purchase
Game Studio: the leading authoring suite for 2D and 3D multimedia projects~ especially computer games
GameBrix: the first product created for Adobe flash designers that enables them to build flash based web games
GameMaker & GameMaker Lite: simple~ card-based development system that enables you to create simple adventure games with graphics~ buttons~ and text (MAC)
Golden Realm: 2d Game Maker engine available for only $1.00
Golden T Game Engine: game programming for JAVA programmers
GRAAL: script-based Graphic Adventure Authoring Language (Amiga)
Hephaestus: computer role-playing game system with loadable adventures; with the compiler~ you can write your own adventures in a simple yet powerful scripting language~ and share them with anyone else who has Hephaestus (JAVA)
HUGO: a programming language and authoring system for interactive fiction (WIN/DOS/Linux)
IndianaJava: system to create and run 2D graphic adventure games (JAVA)
Inform: a design system for interactive fiction (WIN/MAC/Amiga)
InterAx: create games in an easy to use yet powerful visual environment without programming or scripting. (WIN95+)
JACL Adventure Creation Language: free open-source language for creating interactive fiction and web-based adventure games
KOF91: 2D fighting game engine (WIN)
KPL: Kids Programming Language a freeware educational program
Lassie Adventure Studio: freeware adventure game creation tool for building classic Lucas Arts-style games with Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash and Shockwave
LawMaker Game Engine: new game engine tailored toward indie game developers
Legendary Tales Editor: text-based gaming environment which allows anyone to create or enjoy independent adventure modules set in any medieval~ swords and sorcery fantasy setting(WIN)
LucasHacks: the ultimate SCUMM hacking resource including the new SCUMM Revisited (WIN)
M.u.C.e.S: Multichoice Creation System (MuCeS) allows you to create any type of multiple choice text adventure
MAC Game Creator Toolkit CD ROM: special registered versions of 5 MAC creators~ plus tutorials~ utilities~ and sample games (MAC)
Magx: compiler for creating text adventures which is downward compatible with all of the existing versions of the AGT language(DOS/Linux)
MechaniQue: easy to use programming language for IF (JAVA)
Megazeux: an object oriented ANSI game maker with many features not found in ZZT (DOS)
MMOWorkshop: Described by submitter as "At this time the only free of charge available production proven and professionally supported system to develop mmorpgs"
MMOWorkshop: The Torque MMO Kit is a complete, production ready, commercially proven MMORPG solution
Multimedia Fusion: create exciting interactive applications with a mouse-driven interface - this is the one I use (WIN)
My Adventure Game: simple tool for creating graphic adventures
Odyssey-Creators: software to help in game creation and game creation software
Official Hamster Republic RPG Construction Engine: create your own role-playing games with no programming experience (DOS)
PAWS: IF authoring system (Various)
Pie 3D Game Creation System: make your own 3D action games (DOS/WIN)
Platform Studio: free to use software for creating great platform games
Play Basic: a game programming language designed to take the learning curve out of 2D game making
Playcrafter: Create flash games for online game
PlayerRealms: free online adventure game maker
Playground: build computer environments for 4-8 year olds to play~ design~ and create games (WIN)
Point & Click Developers Kit: 2D point and click adventure game developer
QML Quest Markup Language: free XML-based Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game system
Quest: Axe Software's app that allows you to create your own text adventure/RPG games~ quickly and easily. (WIN95+)
QuestMaker: for making graphical adventure games (DOS)
Ray Game Designer: Previously commercial (now freeware) 3D Game building system for Windows 3.x and Windows 95. It allows you to create games based on a RayCaster engine without any knowledge of coding: you only use a point-and-click interface and your favorite drawing tool
RayDream Game Studio: program to design computer games for Windows~ Linux and MacOSX
Reality Factory: suite of applications that have been created in order to enable people that are NOT programmers to make advanced~ 3d first and third person games for PC's running Windows (WIN)
Realm Crafter: create your own multiplayer online RPG
Ren'Py: a programming language and runtime~ intended to ease the creation of visual-novel type games
REXX Adventure: text adventure engine (OS2 Presentation Manager)
Royalty Free Music: Royalty free music by category
RPG Toolkit Development System: for the Creation and Play of your own RPG Games (WIN)
RuneSword: RPG game and construction set (Win95+)
SCI Studio: create games for Sierra's SCI engine(WIN)
Scirra: FREE open-source DirectX game creator. Using a drag-and-drop interface, it makes game creation fast and powerful
Scribe: development system for interactive fiction
Scrolling Game Development Kit: complete game development system whose features can be used by experts and beginners alike
Sharendipity: designed with non-programmers in mind. Not only does it provide a drag-and-drop programming interface, but it also enables users to re-use game components that have been shared back to the community
Silent Walk FPS Creator: create FPS style games without any programming knowledge
SKClone: RPG game maker (WIN)
SLUDGE: (Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of a Gaming Environment) is the box of cogs that will be available so that anyone (within reason) can use it to make an adventure game. (WIN)
Sphere: RPG engine specialized for making 2D~ console-style RPGs~ similar to Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star (WIN)
Stagecast: create multi-level games~ mazes~ puzzles and simulations for the Web~ using the mouse to demonstrate what you want each character to do(MAC/WIN)
StoryHarp: Audioventure Authoring System adds the dimension of voice to interactive fiction development (WIN95/NT)
StoryLand: create Cooperative stories~ using only a WEB browser
StorySprawl: a site devoted to the creation of hyperfiction
SUDS: adventure game system which combines the content and feel of a text adventure game with the point-and-click style of Windows (WIN)
TADS: text adventure development system (DOS/WIN/MAC/Amiga/AtariST/OS2/Acorn)
The 3D Game Maker: point & click 3D game creator (Win)
ThinBASIC Adventure Builder: Interactive Fiction creator
ToonTalk - Making Programming Child's Play: build and run all sorts of computer programs (WIN)
VERGE: a role-playing game creation system (DOS)
Visionaire2d (English Version): software that enables you to create your own adventure game without even having experience in a programming language
WinPAW: windows version of the Professional Adventure Writer (PAW)(WIN)
Wintermute Engine: a set of tools for creating and running graphical adventure games(WIN)
World Builder: create your own adventure games (MAC)

Graphics, Music, and Other Resources

Anim8or: free 3D animation software (WIN9x/NT)
Art-O-Matic: instant 3D graphics
Automated Composing System: automatic music composing system
Basic 2D Character Sprite Kit: Create baseline sprites for your games in record time (found under products tab)
Baumgarten Enterprises: Web's largest free Poser parts place~ and Bryce© tutorials
Button Blast: 300 beautifully-textured buttons
Bytten: weekly magazine for small and independent games
Caligari: TrueSpace
Clickteam Install Maker: professional installations for everyone
Clickteam Patch Maker: secure update patches in minutes
Game Making Resources: sprites~ music~ tutorials for beginning game makers
GameBeep: game textures~ models~ and sprites for sale
Games Factory Pack 3.1: sprite~ tile~ and map maker
Hash: Complete animation software
Icon Bank: icon viewer/collection for webmasters~ desktop publishers~ programmers
IndieGameJobs: jobs for indi game developers and artists
Infinity Textures: powerful texture designer and generator
JASC: Paintshop Pro
ModelSmith3d: CAD tool built to be simple and easy to use
Pivot: free stick figure animator
Pixia: freeware painting tool for full-color graphics (WIN)
Pro Motion: drawing and animation package for bitmap graphics (WIN)
Roencia: royalty free media for your games
Sakari Infinity: a music resource web site with entirely original and custom music
Serendipity: various random generators
SpriteLib: Ari Feldman's free game sprites
SpriteWorks: Two-thousand sprites and animation sequences for Java and game programming
Terragen: photorealistic scenery rendering software
Tile Studio: complete development utility for tile-based games for use with The Game Library for the language Clean.
Universe Image Creator: create realistic images of deep space
WickedWavs: Royalty free musics~ sounds~ voice for multimedia

* Newest Classic Game Site Links

Get Lamp:The Text Adventure Documentary: information on the documentary
Intellivision World: website dedicated to the Intellvision System and it's world
Twin Kingdom Valley: extended version of this classic text & graphics adventure game for your mobile phone & pda.
Valkyrie 17: the remake updated by the original author.

Classic Game Links

Adventureland: great site with information on just about every adventure game ever written.
Arcade Machine: classic game clones to play online.
Atari 8-bit games archive: oodles of downloads ~ many with screenshots.
Blue Sky Rangers Official Web Site: the original Mattel Electronics videogame programmers. Check out their Intellivision Lives! CD with over 75 classic & previously unreleased games.
C64 Game Guide: check out the slide show with 1634 screenshots.
Classic Adventures Solution Archive: hundreds of solutions for those great old adventure games
Classic Game Remakes: the name says it all :)
Classic Gamer Magazine: because new isn't necessarily better
Classic Home Video Games Museum: pictures and information about the history of home video games from 1972 to 1987. reuniting gamers with their favorite games of old via emulation.
Colossal Cave Adventure Page: the game that started it all.
Computer Antiquity Game Encyclopedia: dedicated to computer games of the past.
DorothyIrene's Adventures & Stationary: solutions to 8 bit adventure games - recently updated with 100s of solutions.
Dot Eaters - Classic Video Game History: covers the varied and interesting 40 year history of all those eaters of dots whether they be the pixels on the screen or the quarters in our pockets.
Game Cabinets Inc: manufacturers of arcade machines that allow you to play thousands of classic arcade games and pinball machines on one system.
Giant List: huge list of classic game programmers.
History of Home Video Games Home Page: comprehensive.
Infocom Homepage: great site dedicated to the best adventure games ever written.
Intellivision Exhibition: screenshots and overlays from 100+ intellivision games (my other site)
Lemon: wonderful C64 site with lots of downloads and screenshots.
Magnetic Scrolls Gallery: The Pawn ~ The Guild of Thieves etc.
Mysterious Adventures: text adventures playable online.
Official Intellivision Classic Videogame Website:
Penguin Software: Creators of Transylvania ~ Coveted Mirror and other classic graphic adventure games.
Reminiscing: 8 Bit Atari Games: classics from a 6502 world.
Retro Remakes: 100+ remakes of classic games.
Retrogamer: fanzine dedicated to classic video games
Scott Adams Adventure game writer home page: The author of the classic adventure games.
The 8-bit Adventure World: 301 games in their database.
Tomorrow's Heroes: comics and retro games.
Undead Games: classic video games and classic computers
Video Game High Scores: covers all home systems from 1977-1997.
Videotopia: exploring the cultural influence ~ as well as the science and technology behind video games.
World of M.U.L.E.: my all time favorite game.
World of Spectrum: THE Speccy site. Close to 10000 games.