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great site with information on just about every adventure game ever written.

Arcade Machine
classic game clones to play online.

Atari 8-bit games archive
oodles of downloads ~ many with screenshots.

Blue Sky Rangers Official Web Site
the original Mattel Electronics videogame programmers. Check out their Intellivision Lives! CD with over 75 classic & previously unreleased games.

C64 Game Guide
check out the slide show with 1634 screenshots.

Classic Adventures Solution Archive
hundreds of solutions for those great old adventure games

Classic Game Remakes
the name says it all :)

Classic Gamer Magazine
because new isn't necessarily better

Classic Home Video Games Museum
pictures and information about the history of home video games from 1972 to 1987.
reuniting gamers with their favorite games of old via emulation.

Colossal Cave Adventure Page
the game that started it all.

Computer Antiquity Game Encyclopedia
dedicated to computer games of the past.

DorothyIrene's Adventures & Stationary
solutions to 8 bit adventure games - recently updated with 100s of solutions.

Dot Eaters - Classic Video Game History
covers the varied and interesting 40 year history of all those eaters of dots whether they be the pixels on the screen or the quarters in our pockets.

Game Cabinets Inc
manufacturers of arcade machines that allow you to play thousands of classic arcade games and pinball machines on one system.

Giant List
huge list of classic game programmers.

History of Home Video Games Home Page

Infocom Homepage
great site dedicated to the best adventure games ever written.

Intellivision Exhibition
screenshots and overlays from 100+ intellivision games (my other site)

wonderful C64 site with lots of downloads and screenshots.

Magnetic Scrolls Gallery
The Pawn ~ The Guild of Thieves etc.

Mysterious Adventures
text adventures playable online.

Official Intellivision Classic Videogame Website

Penguin Software
Creators of Transylvania ~ Coveted Mirror and other classic graphic adventure games.

Reminiscing: 8 Bit Atari Games
classics from a 6502 world.

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