FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Ambrosine's Games Page?

It is a collection of games I wrote using Klik & Play, Click & Create, and/or Multimedia Fusion, and the resources I used over the course of time in an effort to improve the creation of my own games.

How Can I Play Ambrosine's Games?

There are download links in each blog entry describing them. They are stand-alone, and do not need special software to run.

What Are The Requirements To Run The Games?

Since my games were mostly written over ten years ago, at the time, they required Windows 3.1 or 95. I did not test them on Windows ME. They should run on Windows 98 as well. Some have been reported as running successfully on Windows XP.

Do Ambrosine's Games Cost Anything To Download?

No. They are free to download for personal use and enjoyment. Any retransmission must include the entire contents of the archive file intact. All games are ©1996-2009 and remain the property of Ambrosine.

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