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Other Game Links (not Amby's Games)
In Cubation lovely freeware adventure game
Abstractica 3 a unique puzzle game with 525 challenging and mysterious puzzles
Malinche Go retro and play some excellent text adventure games rendered in the Infocom tradition. These games deliver a first-person RPG experience.
Amby's Point & Click Adventure Games
Unless otherwise noted, these games require a 486 or better and Windows 3.x/95. Games have not been tested under WindowsME. See bottom of page for terms and conditions.
Monster Manor 1st person adventure 4.40 MB
The Will 2: The Castle 1st person adventure 4.74 MB
Mission:Caduceus 1st person adventure 6.60 MB
The Will 3rd person adventure 1.57 MB
Space Doubt 3rd person adventure 1.50 MB
Secret of Easter Island 3rd person adventure 0.80 MB
Hero's Adventure 3rd person adventure 1.79 MB
Robin & Marian 3rd person adventure 1.10 MB
Caribbean Treasure 3rd person adventure 0.80 MB
Amby's Arcade Games
Shark! arcade 1.82 MB
Night Before Christmas scrolling platform 0.37 MB
Pharoah's Curse platform 0.90 MB
Midnight Stalkers maze shooter 1.00 MB
AI (Alien Invaders) v2.0 horizontal shooter 1.30 MB
Meteor Mash horizontal shooter 0.63 MB
Vampire scrolling chaser 1.10 MB
Vitalize Games Online
Play a game online at The V-Cade
Greg Ryan's Children's Games
Monster in the Park children's puzzle 0.70 MB
Mystery Egg puzzle 1.25 MB
Kid's Pumpkin Puzzles puzzle 0.53 MB
3D Pumpkin Puzzles 3D puzzle 1.34 MB
Off the Tracks train game 0.53 MB
Reindeer Mazes random maze 1.02 MB
Valentine Puzzles '98 puzzle 1.30 MB
All of Amby's games created using Klik & Play, Click & Create, and/or Multimedia Fusion and are Ambrosine 1996-2005. You may download and play them as you like, but they remain the property of Ambrosine. Any retransmission must include all files contained in the zip file.