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5 thoughts on “Monster Manor

  1. Challudym

    Hey, like the new look of the site! Been keeping up with the game resources page for quite a few years now. Glad to see you're still at it. You find the coolest stuff 😀

  2. Matex

    Hey, I love this game (and hero) and was really disapointed when i came to check your stie and found the whole change and everything. I got Monster Manor and Hero years ago, but only last year came back to them and realised how to beat them. (I was young at the time of getting them, and had forgoten about them until then)

    But all this time, and im still waiting on the game that you mentioned at the end of monster manor.
    Unfortunately I dont recall the name, and my computer has been since wiped, and all existing copys of it deleted. (Though I redownloaded hero, which used psswords and didnt require me to start again =P)

    I cant belive the game are this old though, I got them ages ago... but not in the 1990's.
    So I'm really disapointed that the game never came out. I used to check your old website at least once a week, waiting for a new game.....

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